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    FTU Artist Challenge


    Normal FTU Artist Challenge

    Post by Guest on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:45 pm

    FTU Artist Challenge ATWFTUArtist

    The artist for this month will be Pitti

    The TOU requires that you go to the site to download tubes.
    WARNING: In the Christmas section alone there are 15 pages of uber-cute tubes!
    You may work your way through this site and pick your own tubes or you may use the short-cut provided to find some.
    Be prepared to spend a lot of time downloading goodies here FTU Artist Challenge 1991
    The three angels below are on the pages listed, all are in the Christmas section.

    FTU Artist Challenge ATWPittiAngels

    Click on the graphic at the site and the file will download as a png.

    Please do not try to copy what is posted here.

    For this week please make a tag or set with at least one angel in it.
    You may use more than one angel or more than one of Pitti's tubes.
    Tags may be no larger than 550 X 550, forum sets no larger than 600 X 250.

    When you finish post your creation here and scurry on over to the show me and post your angel there as well.


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